Exceedia got its start in 2000, and we've experienced many changes in the finance marketing landscape. You face customer acquisition challenges you never would have dreamed up 16 years ago, more demands on your time and lower budgets to do everything with. Your tried and true lead generation strategies are losing their effectiveness and driving up your cost-per-lead, but you're not sure what's out there in the modern customer acquisition world. Let us show you the way we combine offline and online media channels to help you improve your customer acquisition rate through the best-qualified leads.

The Power of FICO-Based Emails

We're an Equifax Preferred Full-End Service Provider, and what that means is that we have a data source that takes the pain and frustration out of lead qualification. You may already know about some of the 50 filters we use to find borrowers perfectly matched for your mortgage products, such as True In-Market Propensity Scores and estimated debt ratios.

We own a critical piece of data that no one else in the industry offers: FICO-based emails. We match up customer data points against a database with 200 million opted-in consumer emails. You know whether they're in the market for a loan product, their FICO scores and their debt ratio before you take a single step in your customer acquisition workflow.

How much time do you waste on unproductive, unqualified leads that drain your budget and waste your marketing department's time? Getting the customer's FICO-based email address is useful on its own, but the true value unlocks when we use it as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

You don't just send out a mailer into the void and hope that someone calls in or types in a landing page. We use this email to coordinate with our offline mailer delivery, so consumers have a convenient link to the landing page when the mailer is out for delivery and to send a follow-up reminder.

No one else in the industry offers this level of integration between offline and online channels. Direct Mail still takes the top spot in the mortgage industry, but you need to adapt to a new way of doing things to stay effective and relevant.

Why This Changes Everything in Finance Marketing

You may use these individual channels in your current customer acquisition efforts, but you don't get the real benefits from modern marketing channels unless you have the right data backing it up. FICO-based email is the missing link you need to bridge your online and offline experience.

You expand your consumer reach to those who prefer digital contact, ones who would rather not type URLs manually and those who throw every mailer in the trash. Every lead already has multiple data points indicating they're looking for a mortgage product and would likely meet your application requirements. The improvement in customer acquisition rate and a decrease in your cost-per-lead help you meet your company's growth and revenue goals.

Get End-to-End Modern Customer Acquisition Services

Are you interested in modernizing your customer acquisition strategy? We offer end-to-end service that acts as your complete outsourced lead and customer acquisition department, or we can integrate and work with your in-house marketing department. Let us handle everything from the data filtering to the follow-up emails so that you can focus on your company's big picture.

Takeaways to Consider:

  • FICO-based email enables finance companies to integrate offline and online media in a coordinated marketing effort. This innovative offering improves customer acquisition rates and decreases cost-per-lead.

  • Mailers, landing pages, and email marketing alone do not have the same effectiveness as when you use them together in a coordinated campaign.